General Questions

General Questions

No, we do not ship to places like hotels or remailing services. We can however ship to verifiable business addresses, APO’s, and military bases.

We utilize several methods of screening orders for potentially fraudulent activity. This is done for both our protection and for our customers. We reserve the right to refuse any transaction for any reason. If you feel like your order was unfairly refunded there is a chance that a VPN was a culprit. Try whitelisting our site and turning off the VPN for the transaction and see if that remedies the problem.

This is most likely because the dollar amount of the purchase was high, you are a first-time customer, or your ship to does not match the billing address, or any combination thereof. Understand we are trying to make sure the purchase is legitimate to protect the cardholder’s information. As privacy advocates ourselves we understand that this may seem intrusive. By all means, redact the picture, D.o.B, and driver’s license number. All we need to see is that you are the person who matches the billing address. We hope that clarifies our sincere intentions.

This is a one-time precaution and subsequent orders do not have this check. Large orders placed from .gov, .mil addresses are also exempt.

No, given the high demand for many of our products, we do not take back orders. Any item that is listed as sold out provides the option to record your email so that you can be notified when the item is replenished.

No, we do not have a print catalog at this time, but all of our current merchandise can be found on our website. Because our inventory changes constantly, our website provides the most up to date and accurate reflection of what is actually in stock.

Yes. A full priced item that is marked down within 7 days of your original purchase is eligible for a retroactive refund to equal the marked down price.

Unfortunately, these are questions better reserved for a Licensed Locksmith in your area. The reason for this is that we cannot ascertain over the phone or via email that you are the verified owner of said lock, as such, we cannot help with these requests as they may open us up to legal action.