What to Buy?

What to buy?

 General Recommendations

Want to Learn Lock Picking?

The FNG:
The FNG comes with our clear demonstration lock, a quint rake, a short hook, and a .040 turner. The best quality tools you can get at the introductory price point!
Learn Lock Picking Bundle:
We have put together the perfect bundle for beginners wanting to learn how to lock pick. The learn lock picking bundle comes with our Genesis pick set, Trade craft pick case, and our CI practice lock.
Genesis Pick Set:
If you have your own locks to practice with, try our standalone Genesis Pick set. Comes with our Trade craft pick case, medium hook, short hook, quad rake, quint rake, and our 2-in-1 precision turning tools.

Interested in Lock Bypass or EDC?

The Covert Companion:
The best EDC bypass tool on the market. 20+ available tools and expansions. (Arrives un-assembled). While we provide Blueprints and some standard build outs for the Covert Companion, it is meant as a customizable tool to be put together to best suit your personal needs. We recommend purchasing the SSF Covert Companion Turning Tool Expansion at a minimum with the covert companion, as it allows you to fit the turners inside the Covert Companion, better rounding out its usefulness. (Patch in photo not included)
The Arbiter Bypass Set:
Includes 8 tools designed to quickly exploit several of the most common lock bypass vectors. It is a “must have” for all first responders, locksmiths, and entry specialists. Includes Traveler's hook, knife tool, commercial door hook, Adams Rite Wire, two notched decoders, Padlock Bypass Tool, and a Credit Card Latch Slipper in a green Trade craft case.

First Responders (LEO/Firefighters)

We don’t want to sell you something that is going to actively hinder your speed and ability to perform an entry when someone's life is potentially on the line, it's not worth it for us or for you.  At the end of the day, you're an emergency responder, not a locksmith, and it's more important that the person's life is saved rather than their door jamb.  With all of that said, if you have a non-emergency situation, some of the tools we offer could come in handy for non-destructive entry (i.e., respectful entry).      
  1. 6" Travelers hook for bypassing non-dead latched doors (6" can perform the function of the 2" just fine, so just get the one, keeps gear clutter down)
  2. Arbiter Bypass Set can aid in non-destructive entry.
  3. Super Mica Shims (performs the same bypass as the traveler hook but on inward opening doors)    
  4. Potentially the J-tool as well if you find yourself running into a lot of commercial thumb turn locks (this one is up to you to decide based on how often you find yourself running into these types of locks)    
  5. The commercial door hook (the tips can be delicate, due to their thinness)
Skills such as lock picking take a lot of practice to be proficient at. They also become much more difficult in high stress environments. Even if you are a great picker, your abilities can quickly turn south.  Our Covert Companion proves far more capable than most for lock defeat and bypass in a such a small package. However, similar to single pin picking, a lot of the tools require both precision and a lot of practice to use.


*We cannot answer questions about how to get into "X" lock, as we can not confirm you own the lock you are attempting to open. For any help with lock outs, please contact a local licensed locksmith for help*
Please check out our FAQ/General questions tab for answers to common questions.
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