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Major Shipping Delays

The shipping industry is in the midst of an historic backlog. Mandatory Covid-19 precautions are forcing all shipping staff to work at drastically reduced capacity during the huge influx of parcels from the holidays, elections, Amazon, and UPS and FedEx halting weekend delivery. At this time Domestic shipments are taking between 3 and 4 weeks to arrive.


Average international shipping time is around 50 days, as staffing is reduced and parcels are being rerouted to boat and train. Also please make sure you contact your local post office with your tracking number as they might be holding your shipment pending duties.

Effective immediately we are not dispatching replacements until 30 days have elapsed to allow for the backlog to clear, 60 days for internationals.

Check your current progress here. Do not worry if you haven’t seen your parcel for a week or so. Apparently this is the new normal until this backlog resolves itself.