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The biggest issue beginners face when learning to comb pick is properly aligning the teeth of the comb directly under the pins.  The Ergo Combs eliminate this problem completely using a vertical stop.  Trading the versatility and flexibility of the Quad Combs for ease of use and speed of operation, the Ergo Combs are the fastest, easiest, and most comfortable comb picks on the market. 

While many locks that can be combed have different pin spacing and depths, the Ergo Combs were specifically designed to open the most common locks that are vulnerable to comb picking, maximizing its capability, speed of use, and efficiency.  Furthermore, each comb has the make and model of vulnerable locks on the handles for easy reference.    

Insert the comb until it stops with the teeth facing the pins.

Lift vertically towards the pins


The lock is open. 

Combs Provided:

  • 4 pin comb 0.025” Thick
    • Master 140/141
  • 5 pin comb 0.025” Thick
    • Master 150 & 160, Abus 55/50 & 55/60
  • 6 pin comb 0.016” Thick
    • American 2010 & Master 6271