Genesis Lock Pick Set

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We've been asked hundreds of times what pick set we recommend for beginners.  This is our answer.  The Genesis Lock Pick Set is perfect place to start your picking journey, and has everything you need to get started with zero waste.  

  • A Short Hook (.025")
  • A Medium Hook (.025")
  • A Quad Wave Rake (.025")
  • A Quint Wave Rake (.025")
  • Our three Longhorn Turning Tools, which are color-banded so you can quickly ascertain the thickness of the tool (Blue is .050", White is .040", and Red is .030").  They are also double sided for top and bottom of the keyway tensioning.  Another great perk of having the double sides and bands is that they are less likely to slip out of their slot in your kit.

This set comes in a convenient carrying tube. 

Made in the U.S.A.