Genesis Lock Pick Set

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What is the best pick set for beginners? Over the years we have been asked that very question thousands of times.

This is our answer.

The Genesis Pick Set is hands down the best introductory pick set on the market today. We combine the four most useful pick profiles with the highest quality turning tools and package them in the most well thought out carrying case on the market. Whether at your desk or in the field, this kit will serve you well into the intermediate/advanced level.

Set includes:

  • The Tradecraft Pick Case
  • A Short Hook (.025")
  • A Medium Hook (.025")
  • A Quad Wave Rake (.025")
  • A Quint Wave Rake (.025")
  • Our three Precision 2 in 1 Turning Tools, which are labeled so you can quickly ascertain the thickness of the tool.

The turning tools are double sided for top and bottom of the keyway tensioning.