Covert Companion™

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For the person who wants to open everything, we present to you the Covert Companion. This comprehensive kit includes all the flagship SSF tools at a discounted rate. With 20 tools, this kit offers the most opening potential in the smallest form factor on the market. This kit arrives unassembled.

Expansion packs sold separately:

Video on Assembly & Usage Here:


Additional Assembly Configurations:

Covert Companion Blueprints

The Standard Covert Companion includes:

  • Covert Companion Handle
  • Handle Expansion Pack
  • SSF 4 Pick Set .025”
  • SSF 5 Warded Pick Set
  • SSF 4 Comb Set
  • SSF 3 Jiggler Set
  • SSF Latch Tool
  • SSF Knife
  • SSF Notched Decoder
  • SSF Utility Flat


Full Instructional Video Here: