Lock Harpoon Expansion Pack

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There are myriad reasons why a lock owner or locksmith would want to easily and temporarily disable a lock. The SSF Lock Harpoon is the most effective and easy option to do just that… and because it’s designed for carry in your Covert Companion, you’re sure to have it with you when you need it.

Outdated solutions often employ a manufacturer-specific key that’s cut in half. You would need to carry dozens of different kinds to match the Lock Harpoon’s functionality. The Lock Harpoon fits in many of the most common lock types in North America, including most versions of Schlage SC1/4, Kwikset KW1/10, American Lock AM5, and many, many more.

Simply slip a Harpoon in the keyway with the barb facing toward the pins, then give a tug to detach it from your Covert Companion. When you are ready to remove it, use the included extraction tool to pull it out, then snap the Harpoon back onto your Covert Companion for future use.

While the Lock Harpoon is generally a safe and easy tool to deploy, there is always a risk that it can become permanently lodged in a keyway, and will required a professional to remove it. To help avoid this possibility, do not use the Lock Harpoon unless it slides easily into the keyway without any resistance.  We are not responsible for any costs or damages relating to the use or misuse of this product. The user is expected to comply with all laws.

Made in the U.S.A.