Commercial Door Hook

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New and improved!

Like it's predecessor, this tool opens Adams Rite style locking hardware (the most common storefront locks in North America) by hooking the actuating mechanism, and directly unlocking the bolt… There’s no need to touch the lock cylinder. Unlike the old version that was difficult to carry, this functionality is now packaged in a small folding tool that’s easy to carry in a pocket or pick case. This is an absolute “must have” bypass tool for any locksmith or entry specialist.

(Adams Rite fixture not included)

NOTE! These tools when used correctly will last for several openings when employed by experienced users. The tool however, is made of thin material which may bend or break when not used correctly. This is a consumable tool that is non refundable. If the operating arm loostens in use, simply squeeze the rivet with a pair of pliers to adjust tightness.

Made in the U.S.A.

Full Instructional Video Here: