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The number one request for the Covert Companion was an upgrade to the picking experience.  After over a year of development and several designs we have the Riv-Pick.  This tool grants you the ability to have a removable, full sized, 4-profile lock pick at your command. Utilizing a folded and riveted construction, along with the Best-in-Class Genesis lockpick profiles, the Riv-Pick provides a compact picking solution that feels like a standard lock pick in the hand.

Paired with the Covert Companion Turning Tool Expansion Pack, this offers a fully featured lock pick set contained entirely within your Covert Companion.  We suggest stacking your favorite Covert Companion Turning tool on top of the Riv-Pick for rapid access.

Simply remove the tool, choose your profile, and start picking with the Riv-Pick. 

Note: Does not include the Covert Companion Turning Tool Expansion Pack