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CAUTION: This product arrives under tension. It is zip tied closed. Please use caution when cutting the zip tie and unrolling the tool!

Custom Under Door Tool

The Reach Around is one of the most effective entry tools on the market.  It reaches under the door to access the unlocked lever handle on the secure side of the door.  Simply insert the tool under the door, lift it into position, pull the string, and the door is open. 

The concept of the under door tool has been around for decades, however classic designs had flaws which made their implementation and storage cumbersome at best:

  1. Hard to store and deploy
  2. Unable to attack flat bar lever handles effectively
  3. Unruly string management
  4. Regular pull strings severed easily on sharp metal door bottoms
  5. Metal wire pull strings would pig tail horribly

The Covert Instruments Reach Around solves all five of these issues through the design and implementation of several upgrades to the platform:

  1. String management through a quick detach coiled spring storage medallion.
  2. Locking mechanism integrated into the storage medallion
  3. Custom length kevlar cord 
  4. Integrated handle hook for folding and locking the tool together to stow in and quickly deploy from backpacks and messenger bags
  5. The included Grappling Hook to increase the capabilities of the Reach Around to open flat lever style handles which were previously not able to be opened with a conventional under door tool
  6. Also includes a backup roll of ultra tough Dyneema Sk99: the strongest of all Dyneema® grades for any door that may shear your kevlar line.
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