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Are you looking to take your lock picking skills to the next level?  Introducing the Echelon, Covert Instrument’s next installment in our best-in-class lineup and the perfect set for any intermediate lock picker.  Tackle those narrower keyways and increase your maneuverability when picking with the slim versions of the profiles you have from the Genesis set. Expand your picking capabilities beyond standard pin tumbler locks to dimple and tubular locks with the included specialty picks and turning tools.  Contain your arsenal of picks in the new custom trifold Garrison case, a sleek and silent case that doubles as a stand for your picks. This new trifold Garrison case was specifically designed to allow you to contain both the Echelon tools as well as your original Genesis set, so all your picks are in one place.


Content includes:  

Echelon Trifold Garrison case

  • Designed to contain both the Echelon and the original Genesis set
  • 9 pockets of various sizes to store picks, turners, or even Lishi
  • Magnetic case that closes silently and sticks to metal surfaces(doors and safes)
  • Case can be folded into a stand for desktop storage
  • Write access card data to the included media card with your Flipper, I-copy or Proxmark. (Devices not included)


Pick Selection

  • Short Hook 0.020”  
  • Medium Hook 0.020” 
  • Quad Rake 0.020”  
  • Quint Rake 0.020” 
  • Gentle Reach 0.025” 
  • Tubular Pick 0.025”  
  • Two peak Rake 0.025” 
  • Dimple Rake 0.020” 


Turning Tool Selection

  • 3 Custom Ergo Turners that fit neatly in the new case
  • 4 Top of the Keyway Turning Tools
  • Specialized Tubular Lock Turning Tool