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Pick love locks, leave your mark. 
Every tag on a love lock results in a pound of trash cleaned up. 

So far, this community project has cleaned up 200 pounds of trash

The Shackle Tags by Covert Instruments present a way for you to practice lockpicking and help contribute to a good cause.  Inscribe the back of your shackle tags with your logo, insignia, or online handles/usernames and get to picking love locks.   
Once you’ve picked a love lock, affix one of your signed shackle tags onto the lock and relock it.  Check local love lock bridges in your area and see how your skills stack up against others.    
Shackle tags can also be used to categorize your personal collection.  As you open your locks, affix a shackle tag to show the locks you’ve opened.   
Occasionally we will release golden shackle tags into the wild as a challenge to the community.  Utilize your geolocation skills and local knowledge to find and pick these locks.  If you manage to be the first to find and pick one of these golden tags, You are eligible to win a prize!
Set includes 10 tags


Rules for placing Shackle Tags:

  1. Customize your tags to keep track of which ones you’ve placed.
  2. Place your shackle tags on love locks.
  3. If a lock already has a shackle tag on it, try and add yours to it!
  4. To get your tags counted for a #TeamSeas donation, you must provide a video with the following:
    1. Show each of your uniquely customized tags on love locks
    2. Use the hashtags #lovelocks, #ShackleTags, and #CovertInstruments on social media and tag us.
  5. Community tag contributions will be counted on Fridays of every week and the donation total and tally will be updated in the product descriptions on the website.


Rules for the Gold Tag Prize:

  1. Video must be provided to claim gold tags. The video must include:
  2. Shot of the lock in its original location
  3. Video of the full picking attempt resulting in an open of the lock
  4. No destructive attacks, the lock must be picked
  5. Use the hashtags #lovelocks, #ShackleTags, #CovertInstruments, and #GoldShackleTag on social media and tag us.
  6. Email sales@covertinstruments if you manage to find and open a gold tag to claim your prize