CI Practice Lock

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There are many training solutions available to teach the art of lockpicking. Acrylic locks are great to visualize and demonstrate lock internals, but they lack the feel of real locks and teach the bad habit of looking at the pins. Progressive lock sets are great for your first day of picking, but you will quickly outgrow them and memorize the lock configuration which renders them useless for your continued development.

In our opinion this drilled and tapped cylinder is the perfect solution for beginner through advanced pickers. It is extremely easy to pin this lock up in any configuration you see fit: from a single easy to learn pin stack, to an exceptionally challenging configuration full of spools and serrated pins. This training solution will grow with you and take you farther than any other. Includes a hex wrench, array of spare parts, springs, key pins, standard driver pins, and security driver pins.

The SC4 Lishi is a perfect complement to this practice tool.

Full Instructional Video Here: