The Locksport Trainer

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Lockpicking practice can be cumbersome and get quite heavy when you want to practice your skills on a large number of different locks. The Locksport Trainer is a tabletop vise insert that allows a user to insert up to 15 different locks at a time to practice on. The Locksport Trainer includes:

  • The Locksport Trainer main body
  • Mortise Cylinder Insert
  • Euro Profile Cylinder
  • 5x Masterlock LOTO W7000 Cylinders (6 pin stacks with 5 spools)
  • 5x American 1000 Series Cylinders (5 Pin stacks with serrated and spools)
  • All cylinders come with keys and are keyed differently


The Locksport Trainer does not come with a table vise nor the locks shown in the hex block inserts. Vises need a minimum width of 2.6" to accommodate the Locksport Trainer.