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FNG Stands for "F*****g New Guy," a term of endearment used by battle-hardened soldiers to describe their newly-arrived, or "green", comrades.

When it comes to picking, we were all once an FNG, so we know what beginners are looking for:  an inexpensive way to try their hand at picking to see if they want to continue their journey.  Unfortunately, many start with "that cheap, crappy beginners kit."  After 2 minutes, they inevitably come to the realization that they like picking, but their now-bent tools suck.  Into the junk pile they go.

Enter the FNG.  For under $10, you get the 3 best tools to get started... the holy trinity of picking.  A short hook, a wave rake, and a .040" double-ended turning tool.  These are straight out of the Genesis set, so (unlike most inexpensive kits) are made of top-quality steel.  You also get a clear acrylic lock.  This is not meant to be a practice lock, but rather a demonstration lock. This is where you can see the process of lock picking, and train your hand to manipulate the internal components. When you are done, you can move on to more useful practice tools like our CI Practice Lock and the Locksport Trainer.

You keep the acrylic lock for showing your friends and other FNG's the ropes.

The FNG is not only great for beginners, but also makes the perfect gift for friends with whom you want to share your new hobby.