Arbiter Bypass Kit

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The Arbiter Bypass Kit includes 8 tools designed to quickly exploit several of the most common lock bypass vectors. It is a “must have” for all first responders, locksmiths, and entry specialists. The Arbiter includes:

  • Traveler hook- This long-time favorite is fast, effective, and now redesigned for easy transport in a case.
  • Adams Rite Wire- Used to exploit the commonly unshielded keyways of mortise cylinders on commercial doors. 
  • Commercial Door Hook- Quickly opens the industry standard hookbolt and deadbolt mechanisms found on many commercial doors.
  • Padlock Bypass Driver- Used to attack common padlocks with unshielded keyways, enabling you to open the lock as easily as a key.
  • 0.006” Notched Decoder- Designed for precision decoding and bypassing of wheeled combination locks.
  • 0.010” Notched Decoder-  Not all locks require the more delicate 0.006” Notched Decoder.  This thicker version is far more durable, and made specifically for locks with larger gaps.
  • Knife tool- Makes short work of many unshielded padlocks with spring-loaded locking lugs.
  • Credit Card Latch Slipper- For quickly slipping door latch mechanisms.
  • OD Green Tradecraft Case- High-quality, pocket-sized tool case with a quiet magnetic closure. 

This is the best value lock bypass kit on the market. Comparably-priced kits feature half the number of tools, and typically do not include a case.