Automotive Lishi - Toyota (TOY48)

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The Lishi tool is a combination picking, tensioning, and decoding tool all in one.  The graduated lines on the side of the tool make pick tip placement as easy as it gets.  Once a lock is opened, the Lishi tool can be used to quickly decode the bitting values of the key that would open the lock.

NOTE - Use of excessive picking force can damage these tools and/or render the decoding function inoperable. 

This is an automotive Lishi variant and fits in the following Toyota vehicles:

For Lexus

Altezza (1999 onward)
ES300 (1998 to 2004)
GS300 (1998 onward)
GS400 (1998 onward)
GS430 (2001 onward)
GX470 (2003 onward)
IS200 (1999 onward)
IS300 (2001 onward)
LS400 (1999 to 2005)
RX300 (1999 onward)
SC300 (1998 onward)
SC400 (1998 onward)

For Toyota

avalon xl (2005 onward)
avalon xls (2005 onward)
aygo (2005 onward)
Progrès nc300 (1997 to 2003)