Covert Companion™ Fully Loaded

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For the person who wants to open everything, we present to you the fully loaded Covert Companion. This comprehensive kit includes all the flagship SSF tools at a discounted rate. With 20 tools, this kit offers the most opening potential in the smallest form factor on the market. This kit arrives unassembled.


See our video on assembly and usage here.


  • Covert Companion Handle
  • Handle Expansion Pack
  • SSF 4 Pick Set .025”
  • SSF 5 Warded Pick Set
  • SSF 4 Comb Set
  • SSF 3 Jiggler Set
  • SSF Latch Tool
  • SSF Knife
  • SSF Notched Decoder
  • SSF Utility Flat

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does the Covert Companion not come with a turning tool?!

A: The turning tool is currently in production and is slated to be released at the end of September!

Q: Why don't the Covert Companions come preassembled?!

A: This step would add a considerable amount of touch time and cost to the production of the companion. Additionally the way lock pickers build and stage their tools is very subjective. What works for some may be very unappealing for others.

Q: Man you dropped the ball! Why no pocket clip?

A: We agonized over this one. We wanted one as much as you did. The problem was the most compatible clip was designed to go through the holder and would have compelled us to go to a more expensive model. We opted to keep the price down and also abstain from using a clip as it would have taken up valuable real estate we felt was better used for more tools.

Full Instructional Video Here: